Many species of fungi is growing in our country’s forest with food-related nutritional importance. These resources are not identified and assessed, but there are more than 10 species of fungi found in the forest research work. Forest mushroom habit not much use, but is expected to expand the exploitation of this resources are the means to grow edible mushrooms history, some residents and urban areas in recent years, use of food. Grow in the forest is an important food and nutrition mushroom collect a method to possess proper identification and use.

Therefore, our company is supplying produce a crop cultivation khusandai mushroom growing environment in 2009 through the market. These fungi used in:
Release radioactive elements from human organism
Prevention of gastric ulcers and treated
Enter blood pressure and blood sugar to normal size
Serving against cancer provides services such advantages as


Natural mushrooms can boldly say little pharmacy. Khusandai mushroom food very important product of high calorific able to recover for 50-60% of human food-day needs of meat and meat products. Scientists have demonstrated in food mushroom have protein, fat, coal-water phosphorus, iron, Ru, Mo, Ni, Sn, VA, Ba, Ti, Pb, Ag, Zr, Cd, such as micro-elements and B1, B2, B6, B12 and PP, D2, is rich vitamins E, as well as 100g in mushroom 2-9 mg of ascorbic acid. Niacin / PP / con- goes commensurate with meat and cobalt content of fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, and dairy than that. The most important characteristics Khusandai fungus is an organic substrate, amino acids, vitamins and biology radioactive substances converted in a rich mushroom.
A mushroom that can harvest high yield up to 350-420 kg per square meters of area per year, and its weight accounts for 88-91% of water. / Carrot 88% /, cabbage, 91-92%, and cucumbers more than 95%, eggs 87%, etc. / Khusandai roasted blanched and development in addition to make broth food and pirog vinegar, salted, dried, frozen will. And therapeutic uses more food, wide, especially weight-loss treatment. Because digestive filled slowly and gives impression of heavy falls. low carbon absorbed in mushroom, water to reduce calories. / 300-340 Cal / 100g /


If each person use 100-150 grams of fresh mushrooms, it proven to be improved and the environment that increases the ability to withstand adverse environmental impacts.

Mushroom diet you use khusandai 100-150 grams per day:
•  to release of radioactive elements from the human organism
•  prevention of gastric ulcers and treated
•  prevents formation of Atepocleroz
•  Blood pressure and blood sugar will state the amount normally
•  Serving against cancer
•  reduce the risk of cancer
•  increase immune activity
•  to improve bowel function
•  organism aging process slowed

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