Reinforced concrete design company to change name Eco Tsag LLC in 2015. Since July 2006 we have been manufacturing reinforced concrete post which is 0.4-35kwt air line widely used energy sector to qualified by international standards, consistent with Mongolian national "infrastructure development master plan 2030”.

We produce UKSh 9.27.15, UKSh12.35.19, ZTB-qualifying mark 35.04.18a and 8-18 meters in length post to support MNS4232-2006 standards. Over 80 years our country using tree for high voltage line post and cutting an average of 15,000 pieces of trees each year for this purpose that replaced with reinforced concrete posts and increases the productivity of labor time construction increased by 50 percent and service for about 80 years, this ensuring 30 percent decrease installation time, creating over 30 jobs.


•  To be fully complying with international standards
•  Reinforced concrete post have produced a high quality level
•  Stop using wood and wooden materials
•  To have harmful effect on the environment
•  Service life time long, at least be 80 years
•  Reasonable prices
•  Using domestic primary raw materials used in reinforced concrete post.
•  The latest know-how, to be produced using technology and hardware
•  Labor productivity can produce 11 thousand posts year
•  For the feasibility study, so that no harm to the environment and meets all the good conditions of worker
•  Improve the color layout City development.

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