Gan-Erdene Construction LLC was established in 1999 and doing construction installation, repair and maintenance work until now. Pioneer company have many years experience in sandwich construction and all levels of services performed in the construction installation.
   Coordinates 3 brigade, organized and handed over the completed 30 large scale projects since the company was established. Sandwich Construction mainly done by specialized gymnasium, car wash station, garage, store, high-quality kiosks and pavilion in short term. Construction advantage of steel framed sandwich building can shorten the installation time and length of use for quality construction. If you are not decided how to the roof of the house can be accessed, you can contact us. And we will do design drafting work of the roof of building and the use of additional roof insulation material for heat storage capacity sandwich. Because roof sandwich material is heat storage capacity high that brings you good savings.

We have professional team, welders and installers that some construction structure elements are hard to prepare at the factory then we go to the jobsite to do job done correctly. All levels of construction installation work done by comprehensively, from design drafting work to finish installation and in addition performed interior decorative work.


Experienced professional team assembling and installing with customer’s desired structure elements like vacuum window, door, partitions, walls, mosquito nets through the international quality standard ISO 9001 /SHIDE/ using automatic machinery. 3 years warranty. Our factory started its operation since 2010 and which production capacity to produce annually 20,000 m2 and a staff of 8. Our company using a Korean firm LG metal and PVC materials in our factory and produced vacuum window using plastic materials are all fully meet the production needs of customers. That we did not receive any complaints, we can provide 3-year guarantee on products and nominates shows a high level of quality of our manufactured products.

Completed projects:
•  300m2 window and door of “Tenuun Delger”LLC in 2010
•  418m2 building windows of “Zotol Uul” LLC in 2011
•  250m2 window and door of Anti Corruption Agency in 2012
•  41m2 door of “Munkhiin Tun”LLC in 2012

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