We are doing civil and Industrial construction bearing and nonbearing structural elements, boilers, pressurized steel tanks, steel structural elements of power plants, high voltage support posts and all kinds of metal design elements of household items.

Manpower: Administration department 17 employees, engineer technical department 12 engineers, maintenance department 10 professionals, 26 workers in the factory workshop, 11 employees farm and security service and all together 76 employees are working in our company.

The industry was changed under the new management in the field of industry and trade as “Gan Khiits” JSC in 1992. As of today our company operating business following fields.



1. Design drafting, assembly and manufacture of all types of steel structures and elements for civil and industrial construction.
2. Bearing and nonbearing structural steel elements, pressurized steel vessel and pipes, boiler and all kinds of its parts.
3. High voltage support post , bridge, road construction elements and other infrastructure elements.


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