Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

  Engaged successful business in construction market, creating a lot over the past 30 years shows that became the nation's biggest companies occupied an important position in the industry. Include contributing to the advancement of Mongolian national development, and focus on product quality, customer satisfaction, and have made consumers their own brand name products. With hard work and harmony with one goal over the next 10 years of my self-control with the help of hard working employees, I am pleased to say that our team can deliver a higher level and expand the scope of the company's operations.

  We conducted in accordance with the partner entities, shareholders and skilled professional team, with experienced management using high level of professional and international standards, and further work to maintain its advantage gained competition. The company's mission is employee based production, observed by the management for them to earn a better life and with a sense of social responsibility and delivery in 2013 will be technological innovation capacity and production casting 1,200 tons steel design per year. Together with the Czech Republic it will be possible to reduce the decreasing air pollution and citizens in both winter and summer to breathe fresh air and to create a product without smoke exhaust equipment not importing any devices abroad. In Dornod province we are working to establish steel concrete sleeper plant.

  As part of social responsibility to buy a portion of its products from small and medium-sized manufacturers to support them having the latest technology, and is also active in business counseling. And non-governmental organizations and Mongolian Red Cross Committee’s primary that founded in the company is helping the poorest citizens, children with disabilities, homeless people, female and male headed households. We deliver quality products and comprehensive service to customer satisfaction, quickly to changing market conditions using advanced technologies, and further operation to insert clearly contributes to organize international level, contribute to the development and progress of the country can be entered more frequently.

Mongolian State Honored Industry Worker,
Mongolian State Consulting Engineer M.DAVAASUREN